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It feels nice being on the path achieving your life dreams. You felt like being a free bird – flying high above the blue sky – out of the cage you used to be locked in. Your soul is free and you’re able to do anything – I MEAN ANYTHING. No need to worry about people’s impression. No more expectation. No more lies. No more hypocrite. It’s just you and only you – on a long-term journey to find the best thing in life.

Now, I’m creating musics to let myself free. Sounds that I used to love when I heard those songs of Owl City, Linkin Park, Bruno Mars, B.O.B, 3OH!3 ; I can relive that moment of time when I heard some of the tiniest bits of the sounds within those musics – the sounds that drives you to hear some of the songs you love – makes you addicted and you felt like you wanna hear more and more; hit the ‘replay’ button on your iPod – you know that kind of thing? – yeah, so I decided that to gather all those beautiful pieces of sounds into a compilation – re innovate and re interpret those sounds (haha…I sound like ‘Golgi Apparatus’ now – modifying the proteins – the proteins are sounds in this case) – transforming them into a new genre of music – which is my own.

Stay tuned for more.


Hello world!

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